The history

How we were…

Once upon a time… that’s how all stories begin.

In the 60s, Pietro and Maria wanted to build a house for their family.

In those days, Rimini was starting to be a charming seaside town.

The money, however, were few and therefore, Pietro and Maria decided to open their home to “bathers” (the name given to tourists in those years), to whom they offered not only their home but also all their love for the land, the sea and local traditions.

The Neda Hotel boasts a history of more than 40 years marked by the passion, dedication and professionalism of its owners and of the staff, who every day meet the demands and needs of each guest.

The Baroni family with its “idea” of hosting tourists at home started a family tradition that still lives today and is characterized by that same enthusiasm and spirit of hospitality that  makes guests feel pampered.

Today that little house has become a modern hotel, full of services and amenities that make guests feel like at home and attract them year after year!

Where small does not mean little…